THREE reasons you should be watching the Room 4 Doubt talk show

We came across a Zimbabwean TV show on YouTube called Room 4 Doubt ZW thanks to So Profound and Sean Tafirenyika.

It is 3 installmentsĀ in and we have three reasons why you think you should be watching it

The setting

It is relaxed, colourful without being pretentious. It is the kind of place where discussions happen, cool kids chilling out and unpacking.

The people

Well, if you notice, a lot of video shows tend to be quite mass market. This has a defined target audience that is often ignored in urban conversation. The young and traveled. OK, North of Samora non-conventional cultural zeitgeist crew. This minority is not included in many discussions and there is need for more of this.

The topics

The key when it comes to the topics is that they do feel less deliberate. They are fluid, solid, and you are faced with different personalities telling their stories. It is still early doors and it can get a little edgier but people will find their feet soon.

They will work on presentation moderation, like talking over each other and that sort of thing. And a few other kinks but it is a necessary show.

The YouTube channel can be found here.

Watch the first episode below:

Tell us what you think. Is this something you would follow? Tell us in the comments below.

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