Three reasons you should be at Miombo Magic this weekend

The annual Miombo Magic Music Festival is back this 27 and 28 May 2017 in Christon Bank.

Ammara Brown 

And here are three reasons we think you should be there.

It’s a festival

Let’s not act like we have a thousand of these lying around. Any reason to go out, chill and drink for a weekend is welcome. And you get to sleep there (assuming you have paid for both days, or else you will have to leave).

It’s out of town but not too out of town

Well unless you actually live in Christon Bank then it is out of town. It’s time away from the city but not so far that it feels like a trip. A trip to a party is just emotionally taxing if you ask us. And if camping is still on your bucket list, well you can use this and still get a great party to boot.

The music

First of all. Gemma Griffiths will be there. Yep. Gemma Griffiths. But she is not the only one. Ammara Brown, Tehn, Sulumani Chimbetu, Hope Masike, Djembe Monks, Transit Crew, Cello Culture, Flying Bantu, Black Mamba Man, Mackay Brothers, Transit Crew, the Circuit Party, Josh Meck, Vera, Rob Burrell, Sipite Girls, Cafe Ole, Fiddelicious, Soul Bone, Tribes Afro, DJ Nonstop, Steve Chikoti and for sound they have Vusa Moyo with the legendary Keith Farquhason. And did we mention Gemma Griffitths would be there?

So make a plan, it’s on this weekend. It i $66.66 for the weekend, $55.55 for just the Saturday and $44.44 for the Sunday. kids are $22.22 and there is a 10% discount for cash.

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