THREE Reasons Why Shoko Festival Matters

The fifth edition of Shoko Festival has come and gone with a sterling, engaging three days of urban inclusive involvement.


Bucie at Shoko 2015

Here are three reasons we believe it is one of the most important festivals in the region.

  1. It is radical. It is what the young kids need. Many other festivals thrive on the old and forget about the new critical voices. Shoko Festival reaches for the souls of those that often do not have a voice, because the mainstream refuses to give them spaces to define themselves. In effect the fact that its final day is in the hood makes it even more awesome. Seeing cats like Symbiz in the hood makes it rock.
  2. It is responsive. From the higher gate charges before to location and the sort Shoko continues to respond to make sure there is inclusion. It is not stuck in a model.
  3. Innovation. Did you see what they did with Waterwhirld a few seasons ago? And then Old Hararians last year? We bet you didn’t think the museum area could be a venue. Well they did it. And in that innovation they show a willingness to work with all sorts of partners and that can only mean growth.

Next year can only get more radical, bigger and exciting.

Donald Kanyuchi at Shoko 2015

Donald Kanyuchi at Shoko 2015

Were you at Shoko Festival this year? Share your experiences with us below.