Our Thoughts On The GTel Face Of Zimbabwe Finals

Nadine Hahn was installed as the 2012 Miss GTel Face Of Zimbabwe at a ceremony on Saturday night.

She came out tops out of an outlay of 16 girls. She wasn’t the most popular winner but many people will have accepted her as a better alternative to most of the girls on the night.

Thabelo Masoha was voted the first princess and Tanya Chikuni, second princess.

First, the good parts.

  • The show started within an hour of when it was supposed to start which is a big plus for such events. If anyone has been to Miss Zimbabwe then you will know what we mean.
  • The sound was generally good. A lot of shows fall victim to poor sound.
  • The lighting on stage was brilliant, as well as the backdrop.
  • The chosen designers were pretty good
  • They had capable MCs
  • Most of the girls were good at the whole catwalk thing –  Chiedza Mukucha was outstanding
  • The girls in the audience were HOT!
  • Ammara Brown wore THAT outfit and we’re sure she turned a few men into groupies. She also sang

And then the bad parts:

  • There was no readily available programme so you were not sure what was happening at what time
  • Some of the showcases went on for too long. Yes, we like the idea of  a show but yah, it felt long in the tooth.
  • The show itself dragged on for a bit so much that quite a few people left before the winner had been announced. Yeah we mentioned it was too long.
  • By the time the main act Winky D came on – after the main show –  half of the audience had gone elsewhere. The ones who were left were enthusiastic but some started streaming out because they were just too tired.
  • $3 for a local beer? Are you serious? But that is Rainbow Towers.
  • There were perhaps too many live acts or maybe they should have been restricted to one or two songs.
  • The models almost exclusively walked to American music, three of the songs being Rihanna songs. Very little Zimbabwean music was played on the whole. If we are not mistaken it was just one Oliver Mtukudzi song that made it.

On the whole it was odd because it was not a boring show. It was long but not boring. It just felt like a tiring show because, well, it was long. The event could have been better attended but we think that is down to the fact that people have begun to lose faith in pageants being well-organised rather than a failure to advertise.

For a first show in Zimbabwe the organisers did well enough for us to be confident that this has a lot of potential.

Moments of the night

Best moment –  Ammara Brown’s outfit. 

Worst Moment – The American music selection

Most unpopular moment – Chiedza Mukucha being eliminated in the first round. There was no Kanye moment but there were a lot of MC Chita on Star FM moments.

Ridiculous moment –  A contestant failed to answer a question on the Zimbabwe flag

Honourable mention – Media and Information minister Webster Shamu mentioning Axcil Jeffries

That other moment –  Hot girls all over, dressed very well, and eager to talk. 

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