Thomas Mapfumo’s Weird Reason For Not Performing In Zimbabwe

So Thomas Mapfumo is at it again. On the side of his show in the United Kingdom this weekend, the Chimurenga music star gave the most odd reason for not performing in Zimbabwe.

He says Zimbabweans  are too poor to  watch him perform.

Mukanya, as he is affectionately called,  told that he did not feel it was right to take money from the poor and live the lavish life from money he makes from performing.

He also took shots at flamboyant businessman Philip Chiyangwa saying if he was so rich, why wasn’t he living in Hollywood.

Of course that did not go well with us. To tell his fans that they should use their money for something else other than the opportunity to distract themselves by watching a show is ludicrous. In his opinion, these ‘poor’ Zimbabweans should keep themselves locked up in their houses and not afford themselves a moment of leisure because it makes someone else richer.

If you really look at it, the man is a bit of out touch with Zimbabwe isn’t he? He still is of that mind that being in another country is a sign of success. That shot at Chiyangwa – who has own faults – where he says he should go and live in Hollywood if he is rich is pathetic. In his opinion the rich should only live in the West, USA to be precise, that being a sign of them having arrived. Essentially people like Aliko Dangote, Patrice Motsepe and Strive Masiyiwa are failures because they live in Africa, according to Mapfumo.

He does a huge disservice to his fellow artists in Zimbabwe by accusing them of fleecing the masses. Well, Mukanya, the masses need entertainment. They want entertainment and if they think it is worth it, then they will pay for it. Yes, we have heard a lot about how people can’t afford things in Zimbabwe but the same things happen elsewhere. There is a huge population in the United States who can’t afford to got o the shows they like. That’s life. Does that stop Jay-Z or Justin Beiber from performing? No.

If Mukanya is noble and doesn’t want the poor to pay for his music, why doesn’t he come and perform for free?

  • Lawrence

    he has always been a delusional old man…only took many people this long to find out. started with those claims for seeking asylum and then coming back for christmas not long after..

  • duzvi

    mudhara wenyu uyu imhata. Period.

  • Karikoga gumi remuseve

    The article asks…”is he really one of us?” what is this collective identity, I wonder, can we find it without somehow,linking mapfumo to our philosophical or whatever this collective identity is? Seems to me we would be pretentious and lacking in profound reflection of intellectual gravitas.
    Gentlemen, this man is the veritable chimurenga music guru.You only get one in a lifetime, and this is the man for the Zimbabwean story.Within the last four decades, no one else,has come close to meeting their full rigor and commitment to the craft and social responsibility to the extent mukanya did. An artist, “must beautify life and defend it. He must be a citizen first
    and foremost, so that his art might consciously extol human life and
    lead man to a radiant future”-Sergei Prokofiev.
    Many pragmatic and progressive patriots will agree, it was mapfumo who inspired and placed our hearts and minds at the center of the liberation struggle, particularly in the urban areas. His lyrics combine traditional electric guitars, drums and distinguishable mbira rythmns, creating a brand new flavor and genre that we coined ‘chimurenga music’. He also gave globalization a fair shot. If the truth be told, he is not the same man he used to be.His shows in the US feel like some kind of nostalgic healing fix-where the mantra is, ‘the bitter the concoction, the better the healing’. Not to mention his tardiness and also comes out as a one man show.
    That should not take away much from his lifetime score card.
    Two of the people mentioned in your article-Strive and Phillip,exemplify
    what is wrong with the status quo and its at the center of the
    message in his music.Strive-the only Zimbabwean entrepreneur, creating employment domestically and globally, for a long time was endangered species-in his country and left the country under very precarious political
    circumstances.Phillip on the other hand is the walking cliche of what is wrong with
    unbridled black empowerment. What entreprenuerial idea did this man introduce to have such wealth, most successful entrepreneurs find a niche,a real business model, that delivers service, not servitude, that you can replicate or teach to future generations…that’s a discussion for another day.
    The greater harm here, is reflecting in a minimalistic way , the achievements and accomplishments of a music guru, a revolutionary artist, and a musical impresario with an unequaled and unparallelled resume like Mapfumo in a condescending and disingenuous way. He has contributed so much to our collective identity and consciousness. We owe him a spot at the national heroes shrine.

    • NOONE IS challenging his music pedigree. We just think what he said right now is stupid and outdated

  • Chasura

    Imi siyanai na Thomas.
    Akadzoka kuZimbabwe osungwa ne zvimbwasungata zva Chihuri munenge muripo kuzomununura here?

    Come on guys lets be realistic.
    Siyayi Mapfuma aite zvaanoda.

    Remember his big hit of yetser year”Asingadi anenge asingadi—asingadi anenge asingadi!!”

  • Sta

    what a colossal ass

  • I am a Mukanya fan but those are pretty STUPID remarks he’s makin of our nation!