Thomas Mapfumo Scheduled For Homecoming Gig

Chimurenga music maestro Dr Thomas Mapfumo is now expected to come home next month for a homecoming gig.

This comes after he had a public spat with Philip Chiyangwa. In it Mapfumo had said he would not be coming home anytime soon because he felt the place reeked with poverty and he wouldn’t feel right about making his money from his fans back home.  Chiyangwa responded with some choice words for Mukanya. Seems the two have kissed and made up, according to the government rag, The Herald. Chiyangwa went to town talking about the gig which will be held at Ochi City.

He says the plan is to show Dr Mapfumo the time of his life, driving him in expensive cars, in Big Phil style.

Chiyangwa wants people to respect Dr Mapfumo as an artist. Chiyangwa will have no problems there.

Mukanya has not confirmed this development. The police have not said anything about the charges he faces.

The fact is, noone for one second thought that Mapfumo was not an artist. We were simply disappointed by what he said. In fact, we called it weird.