Theatre Review: Protest

It is rare to see an adaptation of a play at Theatre In The Park which prides itself in doing as many Zimbabwean-written productions as possible.

Protest as the name suggests is a political play written by former Czechoslovakian president Vaclav Havel. It centres around two characters, Mr Vanek (Obrian Mudyiwenyama) a protest artist who just got out of prison, and Mr Staneck (Daves Guzha), a writer who gets promoted by the regime because he puts a positive spin to the issues faced in the country.

In as far as the plot and the way the play was written, there is not much to talk about there. Many reviews have been written since 1978 when the play was written and now so we aren’t really going to bother about it.

It was the performance that was a wonder for the theatre practitioner. For the actor this was a joy to watch, a fascinating performance by the two legends of theatre. It’s like nymphomaniacs watching porn, really, minus the messy bits of course.

It is a pity the run is over but it would have been great for young people trying to break into proper acting to go and watch the play.

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