THEATRE REVIEW: Stephen Chifunyise’s Juju Soccer

Theatre In The park made its return to the calendar on Tuesday night at the Old Mutual Theatre with the premiere of Stephen Chifunyise play called Juju Soccer.

Teddy Mangava (left) and Daves Guzha in a scene from Stephen Chifunyise’s ‘Juju Soccer’

The play directed and produced by Daves Guzha, who also plays a a n’anga called Godoboori Musanawenzou, employs the talents of Teddy Mangawa as Extra-time Chigumbo, coach of Kambuzuma United and Mandla Moyo as Godknows Zidumburemombe the owner of the time.

The script uses juju and socccer as a device for contemporary issues, touching on many current affairs without direct and obvious reference. It is a clever script and is enjoyable even in its pure form without reference to the issues it touches on. Religious issues also come into play and there are some odd homo-erotic scenes in it. How they factor in, we are not sure, but yeah that is what it is.

The actors hold the script together well, one that would have been challenging for subject matter. Cleverly interwoven dialogue make it an intriguing watch, like a hip hop song with punchlines and metaphors. The drama is in the dialogue and the arch of the story lives on this.

It is always a pleasure to see a doyen like Guzha on stage and he nails his character –  no pun intended –  to the tee.

Is it worth a watch? We think so. It is important as an indigenous script talking about contemporary issues. Theatre In The Park say they have received over 200 scripts that will be produced from the new year.

Juju Soccer runs at the Old Mutual Theatre at Alliance Francause until 22 November. It’s set for 6pm.

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