Theatre Review: Diamonds In His Son’s Grave

The most prolific playwright in Zimbabwe, Stephen Chifunyise is back at work again, this time with one called Diamonds In His Son’s Grave.

Set in the Manicaland (read diamond) region of Zimbabwe the play is an entertaining and provocative discourse about the tradition and the needs of the present – at least that is what we think.

Farai Mutero (played by Tinashe Chirisa) discovers diamonds as he digs his late brother-in-law’s grave. He then calls for a family meeting a few months later and the family is excited save for the head of the house and Sabhukhu, Chituro Zinyemba(played by Charles Matare).

Diamonds in his grave

Teddy Mangawa, Gertrude Munhamo and Charles Matare on stage at Theatre in the Park (Click to enlarge)

Gertrude Munhamo gives another stronger performance as she portrays Chiedza, Farai’s wife and Zinyemba’s daugher. Priscilla Mutendera is powerful in the portrayal of Zinyemba’s wife.

By far the most entertaining and gripping of characters is Solomon, Chiedza’s brother, a drunk and a bit of a Dennis-The-Menace character –  someone who says what means well but always ends up having to say sorry. Teddy Mangawa’s performance is nothing but stellar.

The set is well done. Our only issue is that the makeup could have been differently. Making us believe that the elderly couple were in their sixties and yet they were anything but that took a bit of the shine from what is an engaging production.

Eunice Tava who is the director did a good job with this one.

The play runs until 20 October from Tuesday to Saturday at 5.30pm. It is well worth watching and runs for just under an hour so if you’re worried about getting home late, you could easily be out of there by 6.30pm