Theatre In The Park Under Threat

Theatre In The Park, which has been at the forefront of reviving the live drama entertainment diary faces an uncertain future, according to a communique they sent out today.

It says there are ‘certain forces within the industry that are threatening its survival’ .

In the same presser they say:

It is saddening to note that there are elements within the arts industry which are ganging up to push Theatre in the Park out of its traditional home, at one of the Zimbabwe International Book Fair (ZIBF) gazebos.

This uncalled for interference has affected the smooth flow of the theatre calendar throughout this season and therefore starving our clients of their much needed entertainment. As we write this, we are 5 productions behind schedule and many an actor’s livelihood has been affected by the inconsistency in programming.

The current show, “Comedy Fiesta” might have its plug pulled as threats of closure persistently mount.

They are circling a petition to keep Theatre In The Park alive in its current format.

An insider tells us that other arts organisations have been angling for the venue which has become prized because of location and prominence it now has. Set up 17 years ago by Daves Guzha and the Harare City Council the venue now holds productions pretty much weekly.

Arts organisations now want in on the deal, complaining that Guzha and his people have a monopoly over the venue.

We will keep you updated as the story develops.

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