THEATRE NEWS: Rooftop Announces ‘The Past is For The Future’

Rooftop Promotions is delighted to bring you a winter warmer special play ‘The Past is For The Future’, a two cast production featuring veteran actress Eunice Tava and Lisa Gutu fresh from arts school with a bundle of energy.


The emotional play will be staged indoors at comfy Old Mutual Alliance Francaise which is suitable for winter evening productions and will run from 30st June- 3rd July 2015.

The Past is For The future talks about determination and love, one can create from a tragic past for a positive future they prefer. Leave the past to the past and struggle for a positive future always.

The must watch play written by renowned Play Writer Stephen Chifunyise is about a young child who was dumped at an orphaned and when she grew up she wanted to be an actor.

The woman who ‘dumped’ the child has been very supportive of the orphanage.

Stephen Chifunyise says he does not normally prioritize one message in his plays.

“This play has so many messages. One message is about learning to put the past behind and look to the future and build on it for the benefit of the future.

Another message is about the love of a mother as a never dying love that builds a future from a sad past.  And yet another message is “It does not help to remain tied to a negative past when it is possible to turn one’s talent to generate a positive future from a sad past.”

The audience may learn very little from the play except to appreciate that with determination all that may look like an impossibility can be turned into a predictable possibility and that a life saved in the most difficult circumstances  is a benefit for the future that turn the past difficult circumstances into a most beneficial future.

The audience may learn that a creative person should be so creative as to turn difficult past circumstances to creative benefits for the future.

As the intriguing play progresses the past is unearthed and as the two women try to find each other.

However the worst and interesting party is when the father of the child is mentioned and what action is to be taken against him.

Ruvarashe wants justice to take its course while Dorothy is afraid that this route will not do well to anyone, but will hurt everyone involved in the whole ‘rape and baby dumping’ saga.

The play ends with Ruvarashe in the same situation that her mother found herself in, sacrificing her career for her parents or her parents for her career?


Eunice Tava (Dorothy Muchena) is a 41 year old film, television and stage actress who is an acting coach and artist’s agent.

She is prosperous, kind and very charitable, fashionable, charming and very independent.

Tava, who is also the Production director and is not new to this role having directed ‘Colours of dreams’ and ‘Election Day’.

The award winning and veteran actress has also been in productions such as Ganyau express, Heavens Diary, Madam Speaker Sir, and Alone but Together and feature film Sinners.

“This is not just a play but a production that has full of emotions as it touches on real life stories and hopes that the messages in the play will help to unlock some of the hidden past within our society.

“And working Lisa who is straight from arts school will encourage other upcoming actor and actress confidence to show their untamed talent on stage”.

Lisa Gutu (Ruvarashe Ruvarashe). A sixteen year old girl is Dorothy Muchena’s daughter who grew up in a children’s home as a ‘dumped’ baby.

She aspires to be film and stage actress and a beauty queen and she is also very ambitious, determined, religious and conscious of her beauty.

Lisa who is taking part in stage play for the first time studied arts with University of Zimbabwe, Bachelor of Arts (Honors in Theatre Arts) and waiting for her results said this play will expose her hidden talent she possesses.

The young actress also took part Tokwe Mukosi the Musical as a singer which was directed by Patrick Tembo as a singer.

Lisa said since this will be her debut stage play she is very nervous and restless but motivated to see what she is capable of as a trained Actress.

“So from academic lessons and it’s high time that I should practice on stage as a professional, so I am excited, nervous but above all very confident”.

“The audience can expect to see the best performance this year from a new face, which is going to dazzle and make them want more.

“They can also expect to see a different story that will teach them that some decision and choices are made under difficult conditions and has a positive or negative impact on the future”

Rooftop Promotions Producer Daves Guzha who is the production adviser said mixing the veteran stage actress and the young performer is the best way to nature and teaches the upcoming and fresh artists on how they things are done on stage.

“Pitting her with Eunice is a great idea as she will learn more from the veteran actress who have since now grown to be a director”.

“She has walked the same road to be where she is now hence she will impact so much knowledge on Lisa and help her to settle and enjoy her chosen career”.


Written by Play Writer Stephen Chifunyise

Directed by Eunice Tava

Production Adviser Rooftop Promotions Producer Daves Guzha


Rooftop Presser