The Tragedy Of The Starving Artist

When we read in the news today that Andy Brown’s widow Nadine Stoddart had fallen on such hard times she had to resort to marijuana peddling, the heart sank.

She escaped jail after a Magistrate decided to wholly suspend a 74-day jail sentence as long as she pays $80 as a fine for illegal possession of marijuana of a street value of $27 as well has Broncleer.

Stoddart denied that she uses Broncleer but admitted to marijuana use because of her asthmatic condition. Then the heartbreaking part. She said she had to sell marijuana to support her kids.

Sell marijuana to support her kids.

Now, if you have ever heard Nadine, as I will now refer to her because that is her stage name, you will know she sings like an angel. She is an amazing artist and in many economies she would be well compensated.

The thing is she is an example of so many artists in Zimbabwe who would love to entertain you because that is all they want to do. The only way they can do that is if they get compensated for it. Sadly, more often than  that you sit there and ridicule them. You say, havana kurongeka, as if they are incapable of being responsible.

They get offered bad deals, someone sneaks into their shows without paying, people constantly expect free tickets  but they don’t realise that for that act to come back, it has to be paid for.

Every so often, it is lost on people that they are human. Just human.

They want to live, just like you.

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