THE LATE REVIEW: The Style Concierge is what fashion needs in Harare

On the fourth of November we¬† attended the first edition of The Style Concierge at Harare’s The Place, Pomona.

It brought designers, Bahia Luz, Chenna Neni, Noe eS and Zanorashe together to deliver an exciting array of couture.

The spread was a smart play, each of the designers delivering on a promise of style and elegance.

Chenna Neni extended its presentation to what was donned by hip hop super rappers Few Kings who did a quick set during the show.

Tehn and Jnr Brown at The Style Concierge dressed by Chennai Neni

Its intentioned androgynous look was eye-popping for the most part, deeply, though less experimental than the makeup work on the models suggested. Androgynous fashion is a delicate art and Chenna Neni did it good justice, straddling the line to a fault.

Juxtaposed against that were soft elements particularly from Noe eS’s swimwear collection and Zanorashe. The latter was largely classic and formatted. Zanorashe was clear in its presentation of a classic summer look with signature prints. She focused a lot on a ready-to-wear, the stuff you can just take off the coat hanger and straddle the streets in

Noe eS at The Style Concierge

Noe eS presented subtle cuts in a range of swimwear for women and decidedly focused on a range of iterations for the classic bikini and bra. The use of netting and other fabrics to create accents on a look that summer bodies are built for requires imagination and a touch and in this Noe eS executes with clear dexterity.

Bahia Luz’s men’s section was the first presentation of the day, the urbane African aesthetic being the focus of it and complemented by the collection for women later. Both are without excessive embellishments so will appeal to a wide range, so not too conservative for the imaginative but not too exotic for the austere.

What is clear from the trends we might be looking at is that print and the regular colour will be big this summer.

It was a pity about the power outages and problems with a generator struggling with the lights but on the whole this was an important show for fashion as it was put together by the designers for an audience that lapped it up. A few things they will need to keep an eye on, such as running times and the length of breaks between shows but they are onto something really good here.

Students from Chinhoyi University Technology where Noe eS’s Nompumelelo Samambgwa did her schooling came along with her former lecturers which is a nice touch.

We can’t wait for the next one.

All pics from The Style Concierge Facebook page

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