THE LATE REVIEW: #Hifa2017 opening night in a few pictures and words

So we were a bit late at it, much like how late the Harare International Festival of the Arts opening night was but like it, we hope this is worth it.

Oliver Mtukudzi and Hope Masike

Mahube was a concept that blew the region in the late nineties and early 2000s.

Steve Dyer chose this HIFA to create a reincarnation of it. That it was going to be an absolute musical delight would never be called to question.

After all he brought on long-time collaborator Dr Oliver Mtukudzi, Hope Masike, Bokani Dyer, Sam Mataure, Mbuso Khoza, Xixel Langa and Siya Makuzeni.

And it was the last three whose vocals had us reimagine ourselves.We missed all the great things HIFA had brought to our lives.

Xixel and Mbuso

Mbuso’s voice was a god-form, as if it was taken from the pages and lungs of those who lived in times past and he the medium through which it came.

Siya, transcended. She filled, thrilled, enriched and pushed through with a combination of power with sense. She has soul.

Xixel was energetic, vibrant, connected and in your spaces. Her collaboration with the local choir.

And then Hope Masike collaborated with Tuku for Hondo, the latter introducing the former as his daughter. A ringing endorsement.

When Tuku came on to do Ziwere, it was set in stone.

Mount the incredible choreography courtesy of the sterling work of Soukaina Edom and the production was annointed.

HIFA 2017, staging an intervention had arrived.