THE LATE REVIEW: Alexio – Hatidzoreke

The latest song from Alexio dropped a few weeks ago and it has been one of those that had to grow on you a bit for some.


Alexio’s best music has been best received in albums and while there have been successes with singles in recent years you feel as if he does well if the song is part of a story.

Hatidzoreke offers nothing surprising but is a really good solid Alexio song which will have his fanbase cheering on. You can see them singing enthusiastically, without missing a  beat or a word. There is ample opportunity for it because Alexio knows how to right a great catchy hook.

We are not sure this song will expand his fan base beyond those who already follow him or his type of music. Not that it necessarily has to. There is so much space for sub-cultures in most societies.

Listen to the song below and tell us what you think: