THE LATE ALBUM REVIEW: Few Kings – The Feeling Ain’t Fear

It is an album that only Few Kings would have been brave enough to make.

The Feeling Ain’t Fear is a follow up to their 2013 effort and is a confluence of the growth of three remarkable artists, Tehn, Jnr Brown and Take Fizzo.

The easiest songs for the classic overreaction are Mamero and 15 Billion (Hapana Hapana) both using contemporary storylines ie police corruption and that missing stash from the diamonds. Both use clips from President Robert Mugabe in the former and that odd moment when Sniper was offered $50 to perform at a show by a local promoter.

Add to that The Remedy:

Tell them the revolution won’t stop just because we want to party

The contemporary conversation does not end there with the west coast throwback inspired Vaskana Ava using the biggest social media conversation of the year, Olinda Chapel’s fallout with Stunner as a flashpoint. A cautionary tale of the the hustler’s mentality that comes from the city of bright lights and scandalous night life.

The Tuku sample on Stuck In the Clouds gives a sense and touch to a song that kicks off with the line:

Ndiwe wakandirakidza kuti kunelove
Kusvika pakunganwa kushandisa glove.

This track is one that effortlessly feels like a music video, full of dramatic self-expression, perhaps star crossed love but a determination to stay in the game.

The intimate letter to a father in Kutaura Nemi sampling Vabati Vevhangeri is an escalation, that grown man production and talk we alluded to earlier.

This is an album as we said, only Few Kings would have charged themselves to make. While not an easy listen as a complete body of work (there are some gems in there) and its samples at times distracting, it is important for its bravery and content. Their ability to own a conversation and go a brave route in building an album that was necessary thrusting hip hop into the narrative that cannot be ignored.

Real niggas don’t die, they relocate and get chubby.

This is what this album is. The relocation and evolution of what you thought Few Kings was about. It’s different, it is listened to for what it is, not what you want it to be.

3 tracks to download:

  • Stuck in the Clouds
  • The Remedy
  • Kutaura Nemi