The ImPro Show Is Back!

The hilarious fun-filled Impro Show  returns to REPS Theatre this week after a 2 year absence.

The Impro Show is back at REPS Theatre

The Impro Show is back at REPS Theatre

The hugely popular show feature is pretty much like Whose Line Is It Anyway? with extensive audience participation.

This is the awesome presser we received which we simply had to share because it is THAT funny.

Some say they were abducted by giant ninja bullfrogs, others say they were in rehab at a health spar in Zambia, still others claim they were all concurrently running for president of a small island in the Baltic Sea. Whatever the real reason is, The Imps have been missing … But now they’re back! With a brand new James Bondiesk show, that is shaken and just a teeny bit stirred.

The Impro Show is Zimbabwe’s very own answer to Whose Line Is It Anyway? The comedy show that is made up on the hoof, the shoe and the water ski of the actors’ imaginations. A show where nothing is planned, the audience get to be right and everything may or may not work. Perhaps they did go to that health spa in Zambia, because the team is refreshed and rearing to go. They’ve got a whole bunch of new games, and a completely revised second half of the show that has something to do with secret agents, golden guns and a license to create havoc with the laws of plot, counter plot and under the counter plot.

Starring Kevin Hanssen, Musa Saruro, Jamie McLaren, Alex Fairlie and Privillage Mutendera, with possible undercover performances from Jason Linforth and Larry Kwirirayi, this Impro Show promises to be one not to be missed.

Join the Imps at Reps Theatre Upstairs from Tuesday the 8th til Saturday the 12th of April. All shows are at 7pm with an added matinee on the Saturday at 3pm. Book early at The Spotlight (phone 04-336706, or 0771357204) to avoid disappointment. The first audience member to make and pay for a block booking of one hundred seats gets a free hug from all cast members after the show, plus a bonus tickle from Musa.

Now if that won’t make you jump up and wiggle your belly like someone who just won a pie competition, nothing will.