The day GoodLuck brought living memories to Harare

A cold night in Harare 24 June 2017 was.

GoodLuck live in Harare PIC: Gaddiel Maps

“I have never performed in long pants before,” said GoodLuck’s lead singer Jules said. So unexpected was the pants situation that at some point she had to borrow a belt from someone from the crowd to prevent a potential wardrobe moment.

A cold night, at The Jame Tree came alive as the award-winning ensemble showed why they are a special cut of the deepest delights of EDM.

Jules connected with the crowd strongly, danced with enthusiasm, celebrating a lot of what is the urban electronic culture of South Africa. She even had a moment when she went political and called for more freedom for SA, Zimbabwean and other citizens in parts of the world with perceived limitations.

Jules’s energy was infectious and you just wanted to join her.

And as she said:

We have never performed in Zimbabwe. Well, we did Victoria Falls at the carnival but you haven’t really performed in Zimbabwe unless you do it in Harare.

It was explosive and everyone in the audience was engaged at the Feel The Fest Music.

We arrived late due to other commitments so we missed a lot of the performances but what we caught was enigmatic, filled and living. From what we heard crooner Fungai Nengare, Mackay (with a full band for the first time ever), Sophie Banks and Victoria Falls’s So Kindly did give the audience a good time.

You have to watch them at least once in your life.

And when Rob Macson came on, it was an exact punctuation of what is often missing in Harare’s night life. A good night out.

It was a tad annoying that we did not have enough fires out in the general area. The few there were reserved for the well heeled in the VIP. Also the whole no EcoCash for drinks was a bit weird. Especially in 2017.