Zuma’s Penis Appears On New Painting

Another painting showing South Africa President Jacob Zuma’s penis exposed has gone on display.

Entitled Umshini Wam  the painting shows Zuma in traditional regalia in full flow with leg up and showing his ‘executive staff member’ hanging out.

It is part of an exhibition called the Our Fathers which includes works from Brett Murray of The Spear fame.

It was one by Ayanda Mabulu and is priced at R75,000. It is hanging (no pun intended) at AVA Gallery in Cape Town.

Check out the painting below:


Umshini-Wam-(Weapon-of-Mass-Destruction) by Ayanda Mabulu

What will the reaction to this one be? The artist says he respectfully engaging his elder. Says Mabulu

The painting… is a respectful one. He is clothed in his culture. He is clothed in his manhood. Only a Eurocentric viewpoint would see him as naked.

He is not naked; I did not paint him with an uncircumcised penis. “This is a metaphor that shows he is not a boy; he is a man, an elder, a father, a leader

Wonder what Zuma thinks.

  • i think its cool…

  • Sorry I was just brought up differently, it doesn’t look right.

    I must have a Eurocentric viewpoint…

  • this is not gud at all…

  • Ha ha ha ha ha I cant stop laughing

    • teasoul11

      What’s funny though?

  • Anele Ntloko

    i think this is an excuse for slander in the name of art. SA has more important issues to talk about i.e marikana and the textbook issue. these people must just get on with their lives, this is becoming pathetic. fact is the painting wont change that zuma is a polygamist, and whats more insulting about it is that zulu people dont practice circumcision, so how is that respectful to his culture

    • Be what it may, the constitution hamstrings anyone from doing anything. Unless one can look at a lawsuit

  • refugeesa

    As African Diaspora, we condemn those kind of inhuman practise to undermine our African Leaders. Whatever President Jacob Zuma can be doing he can’t be portrayed like that. By doing so, is not only undermining his dignity, but our dignity as African people. That guy must be arrested and brought before the court for abusing the President Right to Human dignity and for undermining the dignity of African culture.

    Jean-Pierre A. Lukamba
    African Diaspora Forum
    Vice Chair

  • john

    This is unacceptable, and this is not freedom of expression which we are talking about.you are just want to expose the president.where ever you are, i want to tell you this….stop this kind of things it shows who you are,and justice is after you.the human right does not tolerate this kind of things.let’s be human, and respect dignity of each other in our continent .African culture does not give right to any body to expose a man like this.
    From Refugee Help Desk

  • Pigy

    I love how the racism allegations have just fallen away

  • The ANC government is hypocritical for not giving this painting the same point of view as Brett’s picture just because it isn’t a white artist who painted it. and why are people busy fighting here like they get paid to defend the president who does not care one bit about any of them? Fact is, unfortunately for Jacob Zuma, these paintings are some people’s point of view of him and it just so happens that these artists paint to express themselves. I don’t agree with the painting as I think it impacts on his personal life and his family but I also take into account that these people would not be this disrespectful towards him if he had just respected himself in the first place.

    • What has he done that warrants this though? The fact that he has four wives and many children is not considered bad in his custom is it?

  • Twoboys

    I wonder this idiot ever thought of his rights before he can humiliate the president in public, this is not how freedom of speach should be. I am worried when an african black person does this to a fellow african man, i thought that we are brought up to have respect for our elders and have respect for ourselfs. I think The President have the right to sue him on the following charges, Deformation of character, Pornography, public indecency, failing to have respect for privacy. We cannot tolerate this idiocy as the world have respect for us, for our humanity and respect for human rights, we are the country that is raised with family values and personnel respect (either black or white). For the fact that Zuma is our president i personally, weather i voted for him or not we have to give him that respect (he is holding the flag of our country (He is our country man). and that He’s got more than one wives is none of our business because he is practicing his culture. if you feel that, that is not right then mind your own cultural business (i wonder if that person(ayanda) have the cultural value system that he practice). We have to respect each other for our country to prosper. (Ntate o tla di gama o sa di tlhapela), your reasoning is weightless.