Painting Sells For $120 Million

The Scream

Someone, somewhere, has decided that owning a rare version of Edvard Munch’s 1895 painting, The Scream, was worth parting with $119.9 million.

The price, one of the highest ever paid for a work of art, was reached after just 12 minutes of bidding and paid by an anonymous telephone bidder. Our guess is it’s a rich Arabian oil baron with money to blow.

The auction took place yesterday at Sotheby’s in New York, the crowd in the room cheered at the end of the event. Why they were cheering at this insanity, we really dont know. Bidding started at a relatively modest $50m with at least five interested parties but the field narrowed as the price sky-rocketed.

One of only four versions of the work in existence the painting is revered by art experts.

We wonder what the fuss about this painting is all about, we are no art experts but we swear we have seen better paintings. In any case why the heck would someone pay $120 million when there are three other versions of the painting floating around?