New Art Gallery Increases Access To Creative Spaces

Last night we attended the opening of new premises for the First Floor Gallery in Harare.

The opening exhibition was an object-found art one by Moffat Takadiwa. For the lay person it may come across as a bit hectic but we tell you, if you have conversation with the art boffins in that space, you begin to say shape where you thought there was none. Yes you do folks. Art isn’t that distant. It can look strange at times, perhaps even foreign but it is a story.

The new space according to the owners Marcus Gora and Valerie Kabov is about making art more accessible to people who see it as a distant niche-oriented (read whites and masalad) thing.

Given the intimate setup the idea is to have more artists present individual bodies of work instead of submitting two or three pieces to some other exhibition. In essence Gora wants artists to work hard.

While there is a lot of work to be done until everyone has the level appreciation of art that the practitioners need to lend to the creative economy, commitments of this nature will do a lot towards making their relevance more apparent.

That is always a good thing

  • Thank you for the support, and it was a pleasure having you guys at the launch. Just a minor clarification for your readers: First Floor Gallery Harare is a trust and an artist run space. The three directors of the gallery are Marcus Gora, Moffat Takadiwa and Valerie Kabov.