TEN Zim hip hop acts that need to pull up their socks in 2017

For better or for worse, the sound and face of hip-hop is changing. The things once held so dear, including enunciating your words and rapping in schemes and patterns, have been replaced by the way words sounds.

We also have celebrated some of our great mcees over the years,  only for them to suddenly disappear. They vanished and vast number of Zimbabweans forget about them,  except for a lingering sense of having been altered by the experience of listening to them. So sad.

It’s a known fact that relevance comes and goes in the hip hop circles,  but some of these guys gave us too much for us to let go.

So this list is made up of artists we think should get their selves together and get back in the game again,  because it needs them. Put simply,  they should improve and better themselves  to adapt to the new rules of the game.

Trae Yung

10] Trae Yung

AWA, Black Perl, Tiara, Miss Kiddy and other female rappers are doing it best in the industry,  but truth be told,  we all miss that Trey touch.#Ndikoko

09] T-1 Wema1

One of T1’s greatest strength is knowing the importance of delivery. Imagine having a plate of food that tastes amazing but the representation is horrendous – that’s equivalent to having the best bars but delivering them in a terrible way. Tawanda knows both what to say and how to say it to ensure listeners are impacted. Yes,  we have Mhanya, but we need more this year #Inzwa.

08]  Ishy-X

Going after Tigonzi just didn’t work for him, but that’s not to say he’s not great. His over-confidence is  clearly counterbalanced by his rapping abilities and battling skills.He should stop chasing the wind and focus on the dollar.  #Bhero

07] MMT

Live For Today was really a great song , but apparently not the best song to bounce back with.It has a cake effect – appetizer .So now we yearning for the full meal, or they can even go solo if they can’t be together anymore. #Zvidhori


06] Peekay

His talent and sheer force of will to take things to the next level is incomparable. Thanks to Jam Signal for having him on Chikopokopo. He’s still petal fresh.We have no doubt he can and will accomplish anything he sets his mind to. Can’t wait to see what’s next for him #ShowMeLove

05] Rhyme Assassin

Uncle Rhymes’ compelling brand of gritty, gutter-level street commentary that comes with cold-brooding, atmospheric haze is what we miss the most. #Tsiva

04] Cashbid

His balance or rhyme-cipher-ready chapters, ornate character and formidable songwriting skills is what the game really needs right now. He should transcend higher than just ventilating. #Ventilation.

03] Guluva Se7en

Colours of Dreams was fantastic Mr Jackie Chen. In 2017 we need the fulfillment of these dreams #Gijima

02] Noble Styles

Prince has always been a role model of high quality rhymes and consistent since his debut. He should just lean more to radio-friendly material to ensure that hip-hop is in good hands. #MasofaPanze.

01]  Mudiwa hood

No more running into other people’s business and dropping gongs buddy. You should be #Slaying it more often this year and not taking L’s.#MwanaWambo.