Tehn Diamond’s Birthday Present For His Fans

Zimbabwean rapper Tehn Diamond has a special treat for his fans when the clock strikes twelve tonight.

Tehn will be giving away a single for free for 24 hours to all his fans. What we can tell you is that it is a song that you have heard only if you have been to see him perform or if you have heard it on Dan and Lo’s show? Did it play on Dan and Lo’s show? We’re not sure.

Anyway Tehn also told us that he will be announcing… well he announced kinda.. well OK. Check this… Tehn will announce the launch of a collaboration album with Junior Brown, The Feeling Ain’t Fair. No the album will not be launched today but on the 26th of March 2013. We will tell you a bit more about that later today.

On top of that, you know there will be tees right? For the uninitiated, tees are t-shirts. Limited edition t-shirts for the track that will be downloadable for free will be available from tomorrow.

So hey, it looks like it will be a Happy Birthday for a lot of Tehn fans.

Keep checking after midnight. We will have it.

BY the way Tehn’s birthday is tomorrow, so yeah, feel free to wish him that. A Happy one.