Tehn Diamond – SOTG2 Boys will be Boys Mixtape Review

Hip hop is difficult. But there are some people who make it seem just that little bit easier.

Tehn Diamond is one of those kids. Rhyme skill, blow for blow, pound for pound he can swing it with the best in the game. And he has just started.

I missed this hip hop jaunt by a few months because of communication issues. We were speaking in the same language but not in the same space. So don’t start telling me ‘wasara’(you’re late) on this.

Having already impressed with the resourceful SOTG: Higher Learning mixtape I was curious to find what where he was going to go with this effort.

TehN Diamond SOTG2 : Boys Will Be Boys Cover

He moved forward. The boy has been learning. And he has been learning a lot about being Tehn Diamond.

My favourite track, Class in Session, illustrates this with the chant

While y’all was out bragging I was getting lessons
You were caught cheating, I was getting blessings.

From beginning to end, Tehn mixes flow and content to great effect. The mixtape is very vogue with heavy sampling and alternatives. With a lot of pop culture references it never gets lost in the noise. Tehn Diamond is heavily stamped all over this.

In as far as quality is concerned this wins on many of the levels. Nothing is left to chance. The mixing and mastering by Ice Reign Records’s Kemson ‘McGyver’ Fenton is top notch and complements the concept.

The only criticism I will have of this album is that while it sounds really good, it also sounds quite American.  Now I am not asking him to go Mbira Dzenharira or Alick Macheso. No way. His creativity is his prerogative. However while the cover has a Made in Zimbabwe tag, I don’t feel the Zimbabwe part.

Other than that, this is fresh. It is highly listenable and entertaining. And the boy is learning.

Tracks to download

Class is in Session

The Ballad of Hash Brown

Bucket Sunday

To download SOTG2: Boys will be Boys click here