Tehn Diamond, Jnr Brown and Take Fizzo Form Few Kings

We just got this press statement from New Sofala Entertainment on new developments around rappers Tehn Diamond and Jnr Brown and super producer Take Fizzo as well as the release of The Feeling Ain’t Fair.

We publish it here unredacted.


Really exciting news coming from the New Sofala Entertainment stable on the Tehn Diamond, Jnr Brown and Take Fizzo project.

First, the Good News:

Their much anticipated upcoming album titled The Feeling Ain’t Fair’ which was originally scheduled for release on 26 March 2013 is now set for official release on 18 April 2013.  Why is this good news? Well, primarily because perfection takes time. Fans have already been treated to a few of the celebrated hit-tracks from the project such as ‘Happy’, ‘The Realness’ and ‘I Need’. The 8 to 10 track album will also include a smoking-hot remix of ‘Madrinks’ as well as brand-spanking new surprises for all. The trio chose the new 18th April release date in order to give the Zim hip-hop nation a soundtrack to celebrate our independence to.

Says Tehn Diamond in encapsulating the essence of The Feeling Ain’t Fair:

The Feeling Ain’t Fair is about capturing the small victories in everyday life and celebrating them. It’s about that one night at the club at the end of that month, when you have that one ‘Happy’ night and it’s so perfect, you wish you could bottle it and give it to everyone. Or that morning when you wake up confident of who you are and what you are about, looking in the mirror – sure that this is ‘Realness’. Or that feeling of being in love, so much so that you feel no shame in turning to that person and admitting that ‘I Need (You)’.  It’s about the brighter side of the human condition, as told through hip-hop. In those moments you are so grateful that you realise ‘The Feeling Ain’t Fair’, but only because you can’t share it. Through this music, we try to.”

And now, the Awesome News:

We are proud to announce the formation of a new super-team which sees the coming together of Tehn Diamond, Jnr Brown and super-producer Take Fizzo. The trio first collaborated on Tehn Diamond’s 2011 track ’Fall Back’’ for his #SOTG3 mix tape. In the same year they came together again for the summer smash track ’Happy’. Since then, their collaborative magic has gained impressive momentum both locally and internationally leading to the releases of ‘Madrinks’, ‘The Realness’ and ‘I Need’, all produced by Take Fizzo. All three continue to gain the attention of hip-hop aficionados as separate entities. However with numerous live performances together already under their belt and an increasing demand for more coupled with the growing anticipation of their first album ‘The Feeling Aint Fair’, the formation of this new super-team is a natural progression. It solidifies their powerful collaborative chemistry and takes hip hop back to its roots…to the turntables and a mic standard. This new formation is called Few Kings. Jnr Brown explains…

’’The three of us will always be working on our individual projects but we feel we still have so much in store, so much we are yet to create as a collective. We are excited to officialise a collaborative name for what we do together. We are called Few Kings as a statement on the current state of affairs in hip-hop. There are very few kings and we intend end up amongst them. Our new collective title is also an acknowledgement of the fact that many are called and few are chosen. Hip hop is a calling and a vocation. We’re pretty excited about this and we hope you are too. It’s that feeling and we intend to share as much of it as we can with you.’’

‘The Feeling Ain’t Fair’ will be available for sale from 18th April at Book Café and various outlets to be announced. The album will also be available for purchase and downloads online at www.iamtehn.com

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