Tehn Diamond and Ammara Brown Duet On The Cards?

From the what we have been seeing on the twittersphere it seems as if a duet featuring  Tehn Diamond and Ammara Brown is on the cards.

Tehn Diamond as you know has been riding a huge wave of success especially thanks to that monster track with Junior Brown, Happy. Ammara is the talk of the town right now following some jaw-dropping sultry performances. She just released a new song called Night of the Queen on Thursday.

So a duet seems the natural turn right.

We have to admit that it was something started by one of the boatsmen, rather mischievously but it has now taken a life of its own.



One thing for sure is that this could be a sizzling thing. We wonder if Tehn could switch it up and decide to sing in this duet. Maybe rap a little but would be curious to see what an RnB duet would sound like.

By the way Kudakwashe ‘BegottenSun’ Musasiwa has endorsed this madness.

Make what you will of it. Sounds exciting. What do you think?

  • tehndiamond

    Disqus rocks . . . Larry nice post, you’re quick my guy. I’ll give you that.