Taurai Mandebvu Granted Bail

Urban grooves musician Taurai Mandebvu who was arrested on murder charges has been granted bail.

Magistrate Anita Tshuma ruled that the trio, Taurai,his father and sister – are to reside at their given address and to present themselves to the police once every Friday at Hatfield police station.

Bail was set at $100.

There had earlier been an outcry on social media with many saying that Mandebvu was simply acting in self-defence. Many felt outraged with the justice system saying that he was simply protecting his family from robbers.

While all of this is true the law has to make sure that this was the case. We have no reason to think the boy is lying about protecting his family but at the same time we also need to allow the authorities do their job.

The case however  damning indictment on the justice system as a whole given the fact that people now resort to vigilante justice because they do not believe criminals will get what they deserve.

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