Tariro NeGitare Takes Show To Bulawayo

One of Zimbabwe’s rising stars in music, Tariro NeGitare takes her show to Bulawayo on Friday.

Dubbed Ngoma Izwi Negitare, the City of Kings will see a collaboration between Blessing ‘Bled’ Chimanga on drums, Noma ‘Ladytshawe’ Damasane on poetry and vocals and Tariro on guitar and vocals.

The first production held at the Zimbabwe German Society in Harare was a resounding success and now the show is looking at expanding its audience.

Tariro is behind the Wildfire brand which is responsible for the hugely successful Acoustic Night. Bled is one of the best drummers of his generation. Noma is an amazing poet and she recently was one of the vocalists at the NAMAs in Bulawayo on THAT national anthem, the one which gave everyone in the auditorium goosebumps.

It’s at the Bulawayo Theatre, 6.30pm it kicks off and cover charge is $5.

Ziyawa konthuthu!