Synik – Syn City Album Review

Some say this is the finest Zimbabwean hip hop moment since Kingpin.

Put it this way, Nas’s best album in a while came out recently and yet the heads in Zimbabwe are busting a nut over the new Synik jaunt.

To be honest, we were a bit skeptical about the album, when the noise came out first. That is until we were hijacked by the producer Kuda ‘Begottensun’ Musasiwa and forced to listen to it at the Mount Olympus studio.

Syn City, Synik’s debut album which is being released this week is an organic journey through, process and emotion set through the many faces of the city of Harare as seen through the eyes of the rapper.

Syn City album cover

In it he faces demons from within and touches parts of himself that only rappers like Eminem dare put out there, so candidly. He is both sure and unsure of himself as if he takes us through his city. He battles with his relevance(Life I Chose), bares his soul on issues to do with his parents(Muripo), declares love (Losing Sleep), swings his ex-caliber a couple of times(Syn City) and has fun at the same time (Powercut).

The guest list on the album has a lot of rap’s royalty on it.  Think Tehn Diamod, Metaphysics, Junior Brown, mUnetsi, Begottensun and MC Chita. Then add Mic Inity, Aura the poet, Kito, Prayer Soul and there is even a spot for 3-mob’s own Larry Kwirirayi.

The thing that impressed us most however was the production. Some of Zimbabwe’s most interesting musical ventures have been let down by some pedestrian work, but this album is given the kind of care and attention that one gives to a new born baby.

With the amount of organic work done on this album, this has broken new ground for hip hop in Zimbabwe setting a new benchmark for what comes after this. Then of course there is the video for the title track, the first ever 3D music video to come out of Africa, courtesy of Rufaro Dhliwayo and the prolific Nqobizitha ‘Enqore’ Mlilo.

On the whole, the risk is the general public in Zimbabwe might not get this. Given what they have been used to, the depth of content of this album is solid gold anywhere else in the world except here. It is not the people’s fault. It is the DJs sleeping on these moments.

The album is available for download on various platforms. For more information you can go to

Tracks to Download

Syn City

Power Cut ft Metaphysics, MC Chita, Junior Brown


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