Of Stunner Threatening To Expose Rival Artist’s HIV Status

We watched with shock yesterday as rapper Stunner tweeted that he would expose a rival artist’s HIV status.

Look, Stunner is a great guy. Most of his friends will say that he is misunderstood and simply is a man who speaks his mind. The way he speaks is good fodder for the newsmen and we love him for that. He is also pretty talented so we have the time of day for him.

However when he makes statements like this it is a bit worrying:

I jus got tru info info on some wanna be king of zim hip hop , dude don’t mess with Tazzoita other wise tozvitaura!!! #HIVpositive

He has since pulled down the tweet. The story has been picked up by a few people among them Pamushana News.

That is saying you will use someone’s private health records against them. In a country with so much stigmatisation when it comes to HIV/Aids that is unhelpful. Even if it is a threat he does not intend on carrying out, it id wrong. A public figure like him should know better than to say or even imply a thing of that nature.

However Stunner is not the only one. If you hang around enough at a watering hole you will hear whispers about how you-know-who has got it. Some of it has turned out to be libelous but you still hear it.

The comment is unfortunate.

  • Mr_popular

    Who knows that song by is it Ludacris?? *how low can you go* this by stunner is now an all time new low even for him, no wonder many people dont take these artists seriously!

    • It is disappointing

    • HIV Positive

      Just that people have not been following happenings on twitter, but lately stunner is the laughing stock and source of jokes for the ‘twimbo’ community. You are right he continues to scale lower and lower gorges, absolute disgrace. He is such an attention seeker, its unbelievable

    • Seriously guys what do you expect from a guy who claims to be a better rapper on the virtue that he’s been on a plane and the other rapper hasn’t. Kana wataura status yake zvozoita sei manje? Stunner ndiye we sextape zviya? haaa this dude…

  • ndofara

    Kufarisa ndokuziva ini, kasi I think kuda attention handiti media matomupa kudhara nevasingamuzive are busy googling so

  • Guest

    thanks for acknowledging @PamushanaNews

  • chipopolipo

    its a pity rily, zim artists munosiririsa!!! kana wataura unenge uchiti unohwinei???!! wat if mese muri musame boat or u got sme skeletons of your own too??? dats why i dnt evn hve tym for all this silly wannabe zimbo artists, betta kuteerera music yekubotswana than this!!!! rubbish

  • Veronica

    That Stunner guy is a lost cause. Nxaah! So he knows another artist’s status, question is, does he know his own status?

  • anonymous

    talk about kukara attention!! it would be nice if he could pride himself with actual talent, not kuti akakwira ndege or pokello, and random twitter wars. if u’r doing all that to gain popularity then maybe you need to re-think what your core business is/should be

  • That’s a biki serious. Niggaz ain’t using condoms coz dancehall artists tune get circumcised without explaining that less skin doesn’t equal immunity from hiv. Then rap artists go tune erbody you got it. Ma1.

    • It’s a gwan as you heads would call it

    • Mati Madiiko-Henyu

      i am so with you, mfes wangu Dizzy. this whole get nipped crap is just dangerous now some dudes do not wanna protect. mxaa. asi Stunner imboko