Former Studio 263 Actress Tino Katsande Beaten Up By Lover This Weekend

In a heart-wrenching pouring out of her heart this morning, popular ZiFM breakfast host Tinopona Katsande poured her heart out about how she was beaten up this weekend.

This is after she had posted this last night:

I am a victim but I will come out the victor! Tintin been done wrong ..BIG TIME. Pls pray with me and stand by me. It’s goin to be rough

Then she added this, this morning

Was beaten up for asking him to help me clean the house by washing the dishes while I did the laundry

Tino, who played Joyce on the popular local soap Studio 263 then posted a picture of herself.

Tino Katsande after being abused by her lover

You can check out more pics here and here.

Now, no doubt this has left us sickened. Absolutely shell-shocked and sickened to the core.

How a man could beat up a woman is beyond us. We know that in Zimbabwean culture, men believe that they beat up a woman at some point to assert dominance and often this is swept under rug swept. We stand and we watch as degenerates subject our sisters, mothers and daughters to the most horrific experiences.

Our excuse?

That is our culture. Families of the victims tell their children that this is the way it must be. Sometimes victims are made to feel that they were a major contributor to their misfortune.

Sad to see what has happened to Tino. We think she is brave for bringing her business out like that because many wouldn’t.

The sobering thought is that for every Tino who comes out, there are a probably a thousands who just suffer silently, blaming themselves. The system around them makes them feel powerless and their voices are never heard.

Sadly there are people reading this right now male and female, thinking, it was TinTin’s fault. Sad isn’t it.

Makes you think of that song by Babyface and Stevie Wonder, How Come, How Long.

We just let these things happen.

  • Saddened by this

  • carl joshua ncube

    this is extremely upsetting and I am so sorry Tin Tin that this happened to you and to guys out there who are doing this we need to create a wife beaters website and list like a child offenders one so you are never intergrated into our society and we can put an end to this cancer that is not being spoken of in Zimbabwe particularly…you even get dudes in a conversation saying stuff like “anoda kurohwa chete” and the conversation with the other dudes continues as though something innapropriate was not said a moment ago…I deeply regret that has happened and personally will do my part as a man to shed light, stop, deter and even prevent things like this happen to another woman

    • Crushing it is but action must be taken

    • I think we should, start one and I will be the first to hit like. Name and shame is the way to go

  • Thokozani

    totally disgraceful! I wonder how he can live with himself after having beaten up a woman he claims to love that much! Just goes to show how messed up he is psychologically! To Tino…Be brave and remember no woman deserves to be treated like a punching bag! Nomatter what anyone may say you are NOT in the wrong at all! Will be thinking of you…

  • keep your head up! and continue to speak up so other women can learn from this.

  • General_Tichatonga

    only a coward man will put his hands on a woman. if this (i don’t want to call him a man, because he is not) thing didn’t want to help with the chores, he should have just said no. see maZimbabweans tine problem we think women are donkeys that have to do all the work whilst we command. Sorry TinTin, i respect you for coming up in the open showing what your man did to you. You are definitely the VICTOR. We are behind you all the way, stay blessed.

    • She is a strong woman. Now we have to protect her and people at risk

    • degee

      and only a coward woman would put her hands on a man..( doesn’t make sense does it)…moral of the story….there is always two sides!

      • Guest

        when it comes to this they is no 2 sides of the story, no man is allowed tot his to a woman why didnt he go fight with another man…………… HE IS SICK he need to learn a leasson

      • General_Tichatonga

        They are always 2 sides of the story, BUT beating up a shouldn’t come with an excuse. There is no reason, no excuse that a man should beat up his woman/wife/girlfriend. NO NO NO NO NO.

      • wmaposa

        I don’t need to know the other side of this story to know that this is wrong.

    • Ambrose Majongwe

      That was 30 years ago this would happen, not in this day and age, there is no excuse to butcher someone like that. I know a fair bit of men who dont even need to be asked to do something in the house, just wonder how old the trainee butcher is?

  • This is really cruel. No reason gives a man the right to raise his hand on a woman.

    • Pikinyu

      Why not?

      • Lisa

        Pikinyu, i am telling you. God has eyes everywhere, its goin to happen to your daughter, lets see if you’ll be saying all that. trust me, words have a way of coming back to bite you hard.

  • Tafadzwa

    Jail time is in order for the chap who did this. If he wants to beat uppeople he should take up boxing and get into a ring with like minded people not abuse defenceless people

  • zvakaoma

    mxm benzi remurume iri ndarishaira mashoko chaiwo ,mxm mxm kud kutoburitsa tsinga pakurova mukadzi rakanzi huya tirwe nevamwe varume rotiza.wat a corward.

  • taffy

    TK must address this bugger

  • Chabvonga

    musangotaurisa manga musipo pamwe akati pfutseki imbwa yemunhu enda unotisukira ndiro apa lol

    • And even if that was true, should he have beaten her up?

      • Pikinyu

        If that is so anoroveka. Vanhu musaite sekunge hamuzive chinonzi kurangwa imi.

        • Ngati

          Iwe zvaunorara nemadzimai ese anokurova ndiyani.nothing justifies abuse

        • Kurangwa is your child not your girlfriend.

        • Lisa

          Pikinyu, the next one to have this happen to them, is your daughter.

      • Slow_B_O_Dan

        we need to stop this even if she said this, did that mentality. For GBV to stop we need to say to say NO TO VIOLENCE/ NO TO PROVOCATION. Both parties must behave.

    • Pikinyu

      You are right

    • Lisa

      Chabvonga, how would you like it, if someone did that to your daughter. forget your mother or your sister, I AM TALKING ABOUT YOUR DAUGHTER!!! i dont understand how some pple, like you, are forging up excuses for this monster

  • Kunyanya kutuma toomuch,but it is not ok for men to beat their girlfriends its coward i hate that type of men who do things like that.. .

  • disrespect woman and a cowerd men..

  • Member

    who is the man wacho and whats he saying?

  • Bee

    beating a woman – NO!!! but give the Dude to explain wat drove him into tht. I dnt think he is the devil that everyone thinks he is…

    • He still beat her. Even if she hypothetically did something, he still beat him up which makes his act evil

  • MrHimThere

    Its the old chivalry and emancipation debate. Women are free from the confines of male dominance however cultures and customs still have an influence on what is deemed the role of a woman.
    This case is in my opinion has been blown out of proportion, there is more to this story than meets the eye. I am not excusing her partners acts of violence but merely providing a voice of reason or common sense. If he really beat her up for dishes then I am afraid this is not the first time he has done it, I am sure there are a million & one reasons why a couple would physically assault each other. Which makes me question the timing of her very public sympathy cry? My theory is that she has been meaning to leave him for a while now without a valid reason and she created a scene where he reacted badly so as to discredit him from being her husband. By publicising the the matter she further gets a sympathy vote from the public due to her semi high profile status. Sceptic or not we can not take her word as gold for we do not know what occurs behind closed doors.

    • Wow? Really? So in this instance you are saying that it is ok for her to have been beaten then

      • MrHimThere

        Do you know how to read or do you have the ability to comprehend whats presented to you? Do not tell me what I am saying for what I have said is written down before your eyes, nothing more nothing less. At no point in my reply did I say, “…it is ok for her to have been beaten then.” All I am saying is, I feel from the events that took place there is more to the story and that it not over some dishes, hell no. There is or was an underlying issue which she is not disclosing, Im guessing due to its sensitive nature. Bruised over dishes, Im sorry but my logic is allergic to bullshit.

        • Well a bit cynical are we?

          Anyway just so you know, he has been abusive for a while but it has never been this bad. This time she has come out and said enough is enough. Everyone around her knew she was being abused.

          The fact that she has come out this time is neither here nor there. She is just taking a stand for herself.

          Now if you, in your cynical view should view this in the degenerate, ‘bullshit’, uninformed, closet-minded way you choose to, perhaps we should allow women to get beaten and blame them for it.

          Whichever way you wish to impute her motives, with as little credibility as a moth in a sandstorm, the fact of the matter is she got beaten up.

          If that is the bullshit you are allergic to, then, that’s a shame.

          • MrHimThere

            You wrote a whole lot of words with about as much weight or relevance as feathers in a “sand storm.” The conclusion is you neglected to mention at the first opportunity that it has been happening all along, yes you the writer (for want of a better word) wrote the story in a manner that paints him as a monster. As a. . . (whatever you are) learn to present a full body of work that is balanced and allows the reader to ingest the information and have their own opinion.

            I am very aware of what I said and yes anyone (yes male or female) assauliting the other is unlawful and an infringement of the others human rights.

            My issue is damning him to the sword before gathering all the necessary FACTS. Its not what you think you KNOW its what you can PROVE in court.

  • MrHimThere

    looooool shameless plug.

  • jackie

    be strong Tino, i am proud of you for standing up to condenm this and share with us and yes, you will be the victor

  • Takunda Chaurura Chingombe

    Only one said of the story is told here, please reserve judgemental comments till you know both sides of the story. What would you say if it came to light that she was the aggressor, that he hit her in self defence.The fact is all we know is what she says happened and until we know what actually happened innocence should be presumed till guilt is proved.

    • Have you seen her? Have you seen him? Really? lol

    • That’s a very stupid thing to say. Even if she started it, he is the man. He has more physical power to refrain her especially knowing how tiny Tino is. I could give two shts what the story is, there is no excuse. And for crying out loud, this is about dishes….phucking dishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Slow_B_O_Dan

        This kind of mentality does not help in the fight against GBV. Let everyone be responsible, let everyone play their part. This ‘he is the man….has more physical power and she is so tiny’ stuff does not help. Its quite easy for us to get emotional about these things and prolong our search for solutions. In protecting the weak, the abused lets also teach some ways of not becoming victims. In order to do that we have to give at least a shit to what the story is. And yes she says it was about dishes…….phucking dishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ngati

      Nxaaa idiot

    • Lisa

      Takunda??? are u serious????

    • bidzo

      as a man you should restrain the woman in self defense, not beat her lyk that!

  • C K G

    What kind of a man would do such a thing for such a reason?Shame on you man.Its sad that there are plenty women going through this hell and never published.

  • Tembo

    Its very sad to see such things happening. Again as you say, its sobering to think that although she may have come out in the open with it, there are a thousand of our sisters out there suffering in silence. My question Mr. Blogger is when did this happen exactly? Did she report to the relevant authorities and what is the way forward? Whilst i agree that this ‘gentleman’, the perpetrator should be condemned i dont think that would be enough. We have to see to it that action is taken, because talk is cheap. She has come out with the pictures of her assault, now lets encourage her to leave the guy and also report and make sure proper action is taken. For the time being i will reserve any judgemental talk i may have

    • The man is currently in detention. It happened last night

      • Tembo

        could there be a reason why his name has remained secret?

  • whistle

    Real me do not beat women. Real women do not cohabit with varume vasina kuvaroora.

  • Chamachama pinduzi

    I think this woman is not telling the truth of what actually happened. A person in their right state of mind would not beat someone up for being asked to do household chores is it the first time he beat her if so then she must have said something more than that.

  • Mai Jukwa

    Quite unfortunate BUT I suspect there is more to the story than meets the eye. Unless of course she was living with a raving lunatic, which I doubt. No reasonable person would savagely assault another party after simply being politely asked to help with the dishes. If this is what actually happened then she has been dating a zimcare. I doubt that very much. Pane zvakaitika. Ndatenda

    • Just because you doubt it, it doesnt justify your cynicism

      • Mai Jukwa

        So you actually believe she was beaten up for simply asking for help? You are either wilfully credulous or sadly very naive.

      • bidzo

        Three men on a boat, when you post something, people are entitled to give their opinion without you attacking them. Mai Jukwa is right, i do not think this guy hit her just for being asked to do the dishes, im sure there is something more, however, i do not support the way this man handled it , you should never put your hands on a woman. Im very sorry Tino, you shouldnt have gone through all this.

  • If she said something offensive why didn’t he just use words or be the man and let it slide?

  • bismark

    And posting it on facebook will only worsen your relations with your “lover”. Looks like this so called lover aint the husband after all. why not do the right thing…

  • realist

    Ini munhu akandituka achishandisa zita ramai vangu ndinomumamisa too bad! Man or Woman!

  • Bvunzawabaya

    We are only hearing one side of the story.Although I dont support domestic violence I have seen some women shout at husbands or do soemhting improper on the pretext that she is protected by the law.You know women can get killed it they are not careful with their words.women are very good at using painful piercing words and man are not good at that instead they keep quiet, look and listen for a long long time.this is dangerrous we need communication in the home.Most woemn belive women are born with the instinct of just talking and instructing in the home but I dont think this man just beat this woman for nothing. there is more to it. I am a man gentleman and i know what I am talking about.I am sorry about his majita hope the man will be punished too.

    • Magumbo

      Then he should leave her. it means he could findno other way to assert himself and resorted to violence. if communIcatIon faIled then leave. It Is cowardly to resort to vIolence.

  • chaponachimurume

    At least we have all seen the evidence. No justification at all. Lucky
    him Tino aint my sister. We were going to relieve him of the burden of
    carrying his member & testicles since he cant handle his hormones

  • HopewellC

    Get well soon Tino , not acceptable

  • sibo_ngile

    This man made the wrong move. With the annual 16 days against violence against women beginning on the 25th of November, he will be hearing all about his ‘moment of madness’ for at least 16 days. I applaud Tino for speaking out so soon and so unashamedly. I’m convinced that someone out there who is in her predicament has already drawn strength from the way she has handled the situation. Her testimony is already helping others. We are praying for you to hold firmly to your stance and resist the urge that so many women in this situation have, to go back, forgive and forget and soldier on in that toxic relationship. Ramba wakashinga Tino!

  • Boardhouse

    @ Three man on a boat, you are showing poor journalism, you have already taken a side in the matter being a journalist entails you should be impartial and neutral, we have seen how she looks after the fight but we haven’t seen how the guy looks. Violence is wrong but remember for any violent act there are 2 sides to a story thats why even when the judge makes a decision he looks at mitigating factors , even murder some people walk scott free due to self defense or crime of passion , So please be objective and show proper journalism skills. as journalist its your responsibility to find out who the person is and also find out why Tino has not filed to the police the case.

    • Magumbo

      still. even if he was also beaten then they should both be In jail. it still does NOT excuse the role he played

  • sanchi

    True. Only a cowardly man would raise his hand to beat up a woman. Some women actually believe its okay for a woman to be beaten up. And these words are coming not from the older generations, but from today’s generation.

  • acting and real life is different becareful sister you die ealier ooh.

  • James

    Never make a woman’s eyes wet but make her pussy wet instead, please tell this guy !