Strong Night For Zimbabwe’s Comedy Scene

Zimbabwe’s comedy scene got a huge thumbs-up yesterday as two venues within five minutes of each other hosted shows on Thursday night.

There was the Bang Bang Comedy Club which featured Comrade Fatso, Michael K, Carl Joshua Ncube and Clive Chigubhu at Red Bar in Newlands on one hand. At Book Cafe just down Samora Machel Avenue it was the Simuka Comedy crew.

Both places had good attendances as Harare came out for a laugh.

There was a worry in some circles that splitting a small audience was going to kill one or both shows. From the reviews on both ends it seems as if everyone had a good time.

In retrospect perhaps people should have looked Ncube’s event at Rainbow Towers on 17 November where more than a thousand people turned up. It showed that the market for Zimbabwean stand-up comedy is huge and growing. Maybe it is time to have more than two events per month.

By the way, Carl has another one this coming Friday 21 December at Rainbow Towers again.

A little bird will have told you that we are looking at live-blogging that event.

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