Striptease Lounge Turns Harare Night Life On Its Head

Harare night life has been turned on its head by a new alternative for those who want something that comes with an edge, you know that little bit more…

Screengrab from Ricky Fire's video featuring Bev recorded at Private Lounge.

Screengrab from Ricky Fire’s video featuring Bev recorded at Private Lounge.

We are talking, racy, delicate and something that excites the imagination. Did I mention naughty?

And what better way to do so than the power for the tease. It gets you almost there, gets you hanging on for a bit and then let’s you go, begging for more and more. The wonders are playful, cheeky, naughty and as your eyes go big, your blood rushes, you want more. It is all in the rush because that is what you want isn’t it?

You know the feeling.

So what are we talking about here?

Well let me tell you a little bit more.

Think of the art of sinful pleasure served as a delight seven days a week in a clean, air conditioned, and secure environment. Joy, wonder, merriment and all done with class , it gets your heart racing, to the point where it is almost pumping through your chest trying to set its eyes on the delights you are feasting on.

Clean even includes the fact that most of the bar is smoke-free. For those who would like to drag on a bit of tobacco, there have a smoking area. After all that could be part of your relaxation and you would not want that taken away from you.

And part of the relaxation is the drink. A well-stocked bar catering for different tastes and persuasions is available. It is all part of a good night out after all.

Hostesses are there to make sure you are taken care of. Treat them with respect though. The muscle-men are kept well-heeled and they are on hand to they effect the zero tolerance on unwanted attention without distraction.

Then there is the show. The music, the lights, the dances and of course the tease.  It all makes for a night of frivolous fun and folly to make you look like you were twitching after some weird experiment had been done on you in some dark corner lab – except you’re smiling.

We’re talking acrobatic, energy, enticing and altogether mind blowing experience.

It is called a tease for a reason. It means no touchie. No matter how excited you get, no touchie. Remember the muscle-men we talked about? They will make sure everyone has a good time. A good environment is where everyone feels safe and taken care of. Remember if someone decides to touch you inappropriately those same muscle-men will be your friends.

No cameras. That is another thing. Everyone is there to have a good time away from the rest of the world. If the rest of the world wants a taste of this paradise then they have to come and experience it in person. It’s better for everyone that way and the muscle-men will make sure everyone adheres to this.

And don’t forget to leave a tip!

Sound like a spot on Johannesburg?

Private Lounge, now hosts these delights that have seen thousands flock to it seven days a week. Yes that is from Monday through to Sunday.

Not only that, save for Monday and Tuesday it will open at noon and open until late.  On the days mentioned the venue opens at 6pm, again until late.

  • David

    Our morals continue to go down the drain…

    • How so?

      • Diva Dollar

        Nightlife, prostitution, striptease being marketed?!

        • But this has been the way of the world for a long time

          • Diva Dollar

            True, but not Zim, we’ve been quite conservative…but now this.

          • nah, Zimbabwe has faked conservatism to be honest. Remember that this prostitution etc has a market somewhere

          • Diva Dollar

            Maybe, but at this rate we’re going to lose all the good values we had held onto for so long, remember the President has always shown disdain to such,though not legislated.

            Soon we’ll have a gays only bar in town!

  • Emru Kunanti

    I’ve been there. Its a nice classy place. Didn’t like the girls though, not my type, I prefer the thick ones with big ass not the skinny model types. I couldn’t stay there for long, I opted for Hollys next door which has my type of gals

    • This is probably true lol. Night life takes care of different types of desires.