New State-Of-The-Art Theatre In The Park Venue Coming Soon [IMAGES]

A new state-of-the-art Theatre In The Park venue will open within the next two months in Harare.

Concept image of how the new Theatre In The Park may look like

Concept image of how the new Theatre In The Park may look like

When 17 year old relations between the thatched gazebo commonly referred to as Theatre in the Park thawed with ZIBF in 2012, team Rooftop immediately saw an opportunity to do something truly magical and wonderful for the theatre sector i.e. transitioning the art of theatre in quantum leaps.

Rooftop Promotions has revealed that the new 500 sitter Theatre in the Park venue which will be of international standards endowed with state of the art facilities will be opened soon in Harare Gardens. This stunning venue for performing arts will also have unique conference amenities.

Rooftop Promotions Producer Daves Guzha:

The break gave us the chance to think about what kind of venue theatre patrons, artists et al want to be associated with. Consultative meetings were held and ideas were put in motion and memory recall was self-induced with a view to ensure certain elements were incorporated from the various world stages we had performed in.

And principally as the theatre form we do is heavily influenced by the village setups we grew up in where dare/enkundleni (traditional courts) are theatres of realism this influenced a lot in terms of the space alignment and usage.

To cap it all with the realisation that a lot of our varied rituals do take place in our round huts, just like the previous space, we have retained and enhanced the outlook and the way we serve our product to the consumer.

In terms of playing our role to re-generation of our city, we have had to ensure this design does fit in well with the City of Harare’s vision of being a world class city by 2025.

The venue will have wireless internet connectivity which will be used by theatre patrons and artists during the time of performances and will make it easy for patrons to send their comments and feedback about the play to the producers using social media as the plays will be streamed live.

What the auditorium may look like

What the auditorium may look like

A kiosk stocked with Rooftop Promotions work dating back two decades and other companies works will also be common feature at this venue.

The venue will also play a critical role as a catalyst for unbridled growth of various theatrical products and musicals from within Zimbabwe, SADC region, Africa, Asia and Europe. Harare based groups will have free rehearsal access.

The venue does have two impressive entrances as well as a separate path for people living with disabilities. For artists, change rooms with proper facilities will be installed for their convenience whilst for audiences, the thorny issue of clean ablution facilities which was a nightmare in the previous venue will now be a thing of the past.