Stars Studio Night Club Opening a Non-Event

I decided to visit Stars Studio Night Club over the weekend for their opening. Now I have gone on record for saying that the place was a disaster before but I figured, they had been closed for a four months so there must have been some work done.

And well if you call 20-dollar paint job work then you are a joker. Because that is all they did. Yes they had few alcohol banners but come on. Really? This what you call improvement?

And I am told they only started working on the place the night before. So you were getting some sticky sections of the club the night it was open. In addition to that the lighting was poor, and yes that dodgy carpet is still there.

Now the music, is never anything special. Nowhere is the music special for that matter. But in reality if the ambiance is not all that then you are in then the music becomes a bit worse than it is. The DJ’s were not bad. I just didn’t feel it all.

And the fact that they are right next to Chez Ntemba who have completely changed their club and brought it up to international standard makes it all a big joke.

But then as someone says, people don’t really have much else to do in Harare so they will accept a dingy Stars.

I am not sure I can.