I’m Sorry, Maneta – Roki

Urban groover Roki has moved quickly to try to mend his relationship with former Big Brother housemate Maneta by apologising for provoking her.

The two Zimbabweans were kicked off the ‘Reality TV’ show for violent behaviour. Roki returned home on Thursday while Maneta was expected yesterday.

The Chronicle quotes him as saying:

I never thought my feud with Maneta while we were in the house would go this far. When I poured Maneta some water I thought as housemates she was going to take it lightly.

We have been friends with Maneta way before we went for Big Brother and I am going to work hard in ironing out our differences. At the moment I am praying, hoping that she would take my apology

In a show of quality Roki also called on Zimbabweans to get of Maneta’s back. He urged his fellow countrymen saying that Maneta had done nothing wrong and that if she had made a mistake it was only human.

Roki’s statement is in line with our view that Maneta’s reaction was just a natural response to provocation.

We think that Roki’s response in all of this is top-notch and shows the maturity that we saw from the young man in the house.

  • im not a maneta fan, but come on, roki is jus soaking up the attention. Zvapfura goodness, they both drive me up the wall.