Songstress Cynthia Mare Robbed

Zimbabwean songstress Cynthia Mare was robbed in Harare’s suburb of Sunningdale on Monday night.

Cynthia Mare

Cynthia Mare

She was coming home from a recording at night when she slowed down at a pothole. A man smashed her car’s window and grabbed a handbag with laptop, iPad, camera, external hard drives, money and bank cards.

She sustained a few tiny cuts on her left hand from the glass, plus tiny bits of glass in her throat. She will need to have more doctor check-ups as she inhaled dust size particles when she was screaming.

A week ago a man was killed at the same spot in Sunningdale, according to residents of that area.

Mare has since made a report to the police over the matter.

Said Mare:

 I really have to thank God for protecting me. It could have been worse. I’m alive and safe. That’s what matters. I thank My Lord Jesus for saving me.

  • jimmy

    Akamedza mabhodhoro paairidza mhere?

  • Farai ‘Dabu’ Marimbi

    Why did she not accelerate away when the window was smashed.

    • Easier to say one will do the so-called rational thing when something that hectic happens

  • Shingi

    Crime is the one product of the Zim situation that no one has planned for. brace yourselves. Calling the police that have no resources won’t help

  • ndini uya uya

    mbavha ndodzakutochera ma potholes kuitira kurova ma window…..and as always i dont sympathise with women as always they are careless i tell my wife all the tym usaise zvinhu pa seat but the dnt listen nxa…..sorry but wanya. we all have a role to play coz kwakutyisa kunze uku haupwanyirwe kana usina chinhu mumota BE CAREFUL #ndini-uya-uya