SONG REVIEW: Soul Afrika ft Tehn Diamond – Newe

Rising afro-beats duo Soul Afrika have a new song out that has the radios and the webbies alike buzzing.

ARTWORK: Soul Afrika - Newe ft Tehn Diamond

ARTWORK: Soul Afrika – Newe ft Tehn Diamond

It’s called Newe and features award-winning rapper Tehn Diamond (you may have seen him with the boys on the Zvinhu video)¬†appears on it.

What makes this song tick is the chorus. The singalongability I always talk about is there. It is easy to feel a part of it, and the topic is universal love juices. It will get that sort of airplay that will annoy the heck out of you. You will to have stand it because your girlfriend loves it. And so does your mom. And her mom. So yeah, it gets complicated if you don’t push that agenda.

Weird thing is it is easy for a song like this to fall off if it does not have a complete promotion strategy. That would be a tragedy. Kinda the same feeling you had with Zvinhu. Although you do feel that Newe has more legs.

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