SONG REVIEW: Queen Vee ft Buffalo Souljah – Thirsty

Zimbabwean beauty Queen Vee is out with new song and it is out there, like proper out there but in there if you know what we mean.


The track features the award-winning Buffalo Souljah who has been on a few of her tracks already.

It is a song that goes beyond sexually suggestive and you might not want your mom around when you listen to this. It is all in the name of the track, Thirsty.

We like that it goes out of the safe spaces that most RnB lives in even though some people might be a bit alarmed.

Check it out below and it is downloadable for free.

  • okay99

    I guess she gets a pretty girl pass. No one wants to break her heart and tell her she has no real talent… can get you airplay and great production and videos but there will be no real returns on her investments without real talent. But looks like shes having fun with it so its all good.