SONG REVIEW: Mr Boomslang ft Sonni Balli – She’s Worth It

New club dance and all music from Kazz aka Mr Boomslang called She’s Worth It.


It is another collaboration with Sonni Balli after their 2012 track So Fine.

In this track there is a mixture of dancehall and the Zulu chants are just epic. Looking for a summer love hit in Zimbabwe, this is it and in any serious country the DJs would be all over this track in the clubs.

It has singalongability, dance-ability to start off in check.

Mr Boomslang is the Kazz in Bkay and Kazz. That project is now complete and Boomslang is now pushing his solo missions to the next level.

Anyway check it out before:

Click here for the Vevo audio link.