SONG REVIEW: Jonah – Scandal

Brand new track out from A Academy winner Jonah and it is called Scandal.


It’s a straight down the middle RnB-bad-boy-Imma-get-your-girl kind of song.

Jonah is a very impressive vocalist and so technically he nails this song… but just that technically.

He simply has not grown as an artist and maybe that is down to him not releasing music often enough. You can feel elements of his monster Back It Op, especially in the writing.

Don’t get it wrong. Scandal works as your conventional RnB track. We know many people who will enjoy the song and at the end of the day that is all that matters.

It is just that dangerous place where an artist, if not careful, will keep making the same song over and over again. At the end that is what you want really. So power to him for that.

Listen to the song below. It is available for limited download.