SONG REVIEW: Jam Signal – Jikina [audio inside]

Trio Jam Signal have dropped a new single which falls straight out of left field.


In fact it is so far out from left field it is probably out of the park.

They have always been caricatured as a jazz trio with hints of afro-pop. The trio come out with something that is more afro-beatz.

This will get people dancing, it has that electro feel you get with sounds on the continent at the moment with the heavy Nigerian influences (which is where it might suffer one wee bit).

Where it wins is that musically it is plainly put, well what do the kids call it, on fleek. As you will know we are fans of musicality cause a well-arranged song will be a hit anywhere.

The single dropped on Star FM on Wednesday and is now online.

Listen to it below:

  • Love the beat. Not feeling the Naija sound attempt.

    • By the same token we should feel Zim hip hop for its American twang and Zim Dancehall for its Jamaican link right?