SONG REVIEW: Fuzzy L ft Ammara Brown – Like My Music

Roki has produced something of  a scorcher by Fuzzy L and his ex Ammara Brown.

FuzzyL and Ammara Brown album artwork

FuzzyL and Ammara Brown album artwork

The track is called Like My Music and dropped on local radio proper.

A lot is going on with that song with Fuzzy in his reggae influences and the music itself a cacophony of all types of other music (ok maybe not all of it). Altogether it comes across as the kind of song that will get people dancing along (that kongonya comes to mind) and the chorus is easy enough to sing along to. It’s a new sound with potential.

The lyrics are pretty simple and sometimes repetitive so maybe it is targeted at the vegetative state of a night out on the town having consumed all manner excitement.

Interesting experimental work from Roki and we’re keen see where he will take that sound.

Fuzzy L’s track can be listened to below.  Tell us what you think. It is available for free download too