Sold-out first night on debut China tour for Insingizi

Austria-based Zimbabwean group Insingizi have kicked off their debut China tour with a sold-out performance at the 600-seater Wuxi Grand Theatre in Jiangsu on Saturday night.

Insingizi at Wuxi Grand Theatre

Insingizi at Wuxi Grand Theatre

Ramadu, Blessings Nqo and Vusa Mkhaya who make up the award-winning group performed to a what seemed to be a wholly Chinese audience with their set followed by signing afterwards.

Said Mkhaya, speaking exclusively to

From the performance we learnt that music transcends all boundaries… We enjoyed to listen to the Chinese singing along to The Lion sleeps tonight and we felt relieved after the performance because we were a bit nervous, since it was our first performance in China and we wanted to do everything right to impress the audience and also our new Asian Agent.

The hope is this will spark a love affair with Asia following their American dream come true.

Insingizi after their performance on debut in China

Insingizi after their performance on debut in China

And there was  a nice touch as Insingizi sang their first ever Chinese song. Added Mkhaya:

It’s a traditional Chinese song that we learnt and thought it’s a good gesture. We took the audience bu surprise and they sang along

The group now takes its performance to the 1,200 seater Shanghai Concert Hall.

Insingizi’s first CD Voices of Southern Africa has sold more that 250 000 copies in North America and was certified gold. Such success has not been without hard work and relentlesseffort. To support their albums, Insingizi has been busy since the release of the first album, touring extensively with their many projects, and finding themselves included in famed blues guitarist Hans Theesssink’s band.