Social Gaming Takes Bingo Out Of The Halls And Into A New Dream

Social gaming has taken over the world trends will keep expanding, options evolving and more products being offered.

Seeing some of the games previously the preserve of halls popping up all over the place on the Internet we were kept curious by the possibilities. After all, we were properly annoyed by the current craze with the madness you find on Facebook and all those invites to join one game or the other.

Then we thought bingo! Well as in Bingo, the game.

Bingo is a game often associated with older people but even it is evolving and getting into people’s homes and on their smartphones.

With married women the bug has bitten with a reported 1 in 3 married women playing bingo online.

Dream Bingo Home Page

Well Dream Bingo caught our curiosity, taking a different approach to social gaming. Think of a game where instead of set prizes you get to dream of what prize you want and stand a chance of winning it. So we are talking trips to the spa, a car or shopping vouchers.


Dream Bingo, as a dynamic platform and the fun is the number of games you can access from the website. The games are available all day and you are talking about both 75 and 90-ball variations of bingo and the lot.

Other than the feel and look of the platform what caught our eye was the ease of use. Even your grandmother can use it. Appropriate wouldn’t it be but it is not so simple so as to get insulting. You know those websites that get so simple that you think something’s going on. Dream Bingo stays simple but keeping the edge of a modern website.

Add to that the security. Ultimately you are going to worry about that.   This is real given the number of sites being hacked. And you are playing with real money.

The site says:

 Your security is one of them, which is why we use the same banking software as some major financial institutions. When you register at Dream Bingo, we’ll ask you for some personal information. We can assure you that all information supplied is kept strictly confidential and that we will never distribute or sell your details

Add to that, 24/7 support and you are good to go.