So… Konshens Was Barred From Coming To Zimbabwe

So as some if not all of you know, Jamaican star Konshens will not be performing at the Lion Lager Summer Beer Fest as was originally planned.

Konshens -  PIC

Konshens – PIC

According to a communication we received yesterday:

Owing to directives from the Jamaican Government barring performing artists from that country to any country on the African continent citing concerns over Ebola hemorrhagic fever, Koshens has cancelled his trip.

Yeah, so his government told him, no mate, you can’t go there because you could get sick.

IT’s pretty sad when you come to think of it. That a government can summarily say, no, you can’t do this. We have seen artists go to all sorts of places to perform even after the outbreak.

We don’t know what to say.

Well, Uhuru plus a lot of Zimbabwean cats will still perform on 11 October. Best of luck to them.

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