So… It’s Generations The Legacy… Erm.. Back

So.. erm, Generations made its return to South African TV on Monda

Yeah so we get into trouble with our women talking about TV characters as if they were real people.

Generations The Legacy cast... well part of it...

Generations The Legacy cast… well part of it…

Connie Ferguson as Karabo Moroka and Rapulana Seiphemo as Tau Mogale are back and they are not in love with each other as much. Well they are loving each other but that happily ever after is gone.

Please don’t take us through the Karabo victim again. One of the mob members on the boat once got temporarily dumped because of his lack of sympathy for Karabo. We can only stomach so much of it.

Creator and director Mfundi Mvundla tried to make it sound cool by saying:

Generations The Legacy, is about stimulating a conversation on the transfer of wealth, knowledge and culture. Successive generations in African society have produced men and women of great intelligence, vision and the drive for excellence. For a variety of reasons -some no doubt related to our painful past, our development as a people has been stymied.

He said more but, well, we stopped caring. OK we care a lot because we like scripts and that psychosocial art and what not. In fact it sounds awesome. You know what, well not that far but you know we are going to have to know character names again so as to use them in conversations with our women.

The life of a mobster on a boat.

Mind you, people are not impressed so far so hopefully the missuses will hate the show and we live in peace.

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