So here’s M-Net’s plan to reduce the number of repeats

DStv has announced its plan to reduce the number of repeats on its M-Net series of channels.

Put simply, collapse some of the channels and integrate them into others.

From 1 April the Game of Thrones channel M-Net Edge will be condensed into M-Net channel. Prime time will be extended and will run from 6pm to midnight.

Liz Dziva, publicity and public relations manager of MultiChoice Zimbabwe:

Content on this channel will include sitcoms at 6pm, international reality shows at 6.30pm and drama, crime, comedy or action series from 7.30pm. After general children’s viewing time – that is, from 9.30pm to midnight – customers can enjoy edgier entertainment like Billions season 2, Magicians season 2; The Leftovers season 3, Bates Motel season 5, Broadchurch season 3, Mad Dogs season 1, Detour season 2 and more series

M-Net will pull out all the stops to give DStv customers exceptional entertainment at weekends, with reality show being dropped on Saturdays and Sundays in favour of sitcoms and dramas from 6pm. Brand new series like medical drama Pure Genius, dark comedy Imposters and Prison Break will air from 7.30pm.

And ‘Express from the US’ channels will move to new times on the same channel.

And they go a bit further. M-Net Showcase will disappear and will be replaced by the themed pop-up channels. Currently running is the James Bond pop-up channel on on DStv 109. We like that.

So we’ll be going back to playing with 101 then. We really had a thing for Edge.

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