So Bev says she’s pregnant with Andy Muridzo’s child… meh!

Raunchy dancer Bev made a dramatic return to our headlines this lovely Tuesday with the news that she was quite pregnant and expecting the child of singer, Andy Muridzo.

The story made its debut in the the tabloid H Metro to cap of a month of incredible drama in Zimbabwe.

The wheelie bins were rolled out and all sorts unpleasantries were shared between people on social media spaces, some of which are the sort of thing that would make a Private Lounge stripper blush. Yes, that deep.

Andy Muridzo, married apparently, started off pretty chilled about it, with a report in the tabloid claiming said wife was at peace with the whole situation. Of course to get to the point of peace we imagine pots and pans were thrown across rooms with screams and threats. The usual stuff in a relationship really.

For some reason he went on social media and proceeded to upset the bottling dancer Bev to which she threatened to do to him what happened to Stunner. If you were living under a rock then you will know that rapper Stunner’s wife Olinda went on social media and threw a whole wad of proverbial faeces in his direction. He ducked, dived… then we got bored and it all went quiet.

In the midst of all of this judgement we were like… but, there is nothing really going on here to be honest.

Someone misbehaved, she got pregnant. Wife found out. It’s chilled. We’d like it to be more dramatic but when you really think about it, loads of people have been through this. Whether it is right or wrong is a personal thing but we are talking about grown folks here, who consented to a situation, that got out of hand. It got resolved.

In fact, we know of fellas who have paid copious amounts of money to have private access the delicate places of their favourite stripper never mind go-go dancer. Choices have been made which are really only drama in the family, because we get over things really quickly in life don’t we?

Of course the whole thing should have his new boss Jah Prayzah a little hot under the collar. It is no exactly the sort of thing he wanted his artist have in the press within the first week of joining the family.

It’s life. It’s weird. And it is bloody lovely all the same.

That said… condoms are free though…

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