Six things we loved about the Street Corner Symphony’s performance at #HIFA2017

The Tennessee-based a capella boy group Street Corner Symphony were among various foreign acts that performed during the Harare International Festival of the Arts this year.

Street Corner Symphony


The group took on stage on the sunset of Sunday (May 7) on the ZOL Main Stage and entertained fans for an hour-plus set.During their performance the group’s frontman  announced that it was their first time performing in Africa and that they would love to come and perform again sometime.

While we enjoyed almost every moment at the festival, we have to admit that one of our favourite and unforgettable part was watching this group taking centre stage. Their set was full of surprises, from delivering Boyz II Men medley to singing Soul Jah Love’s current hit Pamamonya Ipapo.

In case you missed it, here are six things that most definitely blew us away during their set.

The Boyz II Men Medley

After they have warmed us up with some few cuts, the group switched gears going into the classic discography of the Philadelphia RnB group. Nostalgia took over fans as they singalong timeless beautiful ballads. The stage fittingly displayed hues of red,lime and blue as fans became an element of the ultimate trip to the past.

The TNG and Friends Surprise

Unexpectedly, adorable female guitarist and composer Tariro Negitare was welcomed to the stage to perform a certain song they said was done during a dinner session with her. Together with other two ladies,the Mawara singer  provided the audience with a mini concert of her own,with the boys helping on the vocals and accompaniement. Later on they ,with the exception of the other two ladies, all performed the Jungle song to great amusement. It never occurred to our minds that Tariro is such an imaginative, on-the-spot singer.

The Anonymously  Amazing Robert

Still on the Jungle song, the group called for volunteers who would love to sing with them. A gentleman showed up and his name was Robert. Under their command he dynamically sings through the line with so much awe and flair. It was a cool vibe we never knew the song needed. Unfortunately, we will never hear of him anymore.

The Tennis Ball Game

After announcing that they were also stage athletes ,two of their boys went on stage to play tennis ball with their tongues. As funny as it sounds, the game was just crazy and the timing was just good. Eventually, the game left the audience in an uncontrollable laughter after the imaginary ball hit one of the players’ balls and one member commenting, “This game is so nuts.”

Uptown Funk Cover

On their way out the group performed Bruno Mars’s 2015 chart topper Uptown Funk and this got the audiences dancing. They all brought their A-game and looked like they were having a blast doing it.Our only regret is that we couldn’t hop on stage and join them!

The Pamamonya Ipapo Encore

As if the crowd need another reason reason to totally swoon over the group, they demanded an encore. This time they performed a rendition of Elvis Presley’s old work and managed to sneak in Zimbabwe in it. Finally, the audience went ecstatic as they finished up chanting Soul Jah Love’s current gem Pamamonya Ipapo. This was monumental.

This was pretty much it for us. Do you have more moments you think were the highest highlights of their show, or any other? Please let us know.